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Today is the day.

Please vote for Andrew Jones on Tuesday, March 7 in the Republican primary for mayor.

Andrew is third on the ballot.  With a low turnout and most of the attention directed at the Democratic primary, anything can happen.  That is why Andrew needs your support today. There are two other names on the ballot, but they are not serious candidates.  One has endorsed Andrew and the other has refused to raise money and has now stopped attending campaign events even when his name is on the program.

If Andrew can survive the primary, he will present St. Louisans their best hope for true change in the city in almost 40 years.  That's what's at stake.

Please tell your friends you're voting for Andrew and tell them how important it is for them to, as well.

Please click here to find your polling place.

Paid for by Friends of Andrew Jones, Joe Hodes, Treasurer.
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