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Republican Andrew Jones Files as a Candidate for St. Louis Mayor

Prominent local utility executive Andrew Jones filed on Thursday, January 5, as a Republican in the race for Mayor of the City of St. Louis. Jones has a straightforward plan that pushes for effective economic development, improved neighborhood safety and increased educational opportunities resulting in job creation and prosperity for all people living and working in St. Louis. 

“My vision is for St. Louis to become a beacon of civic excellence,” Jones said. “Our city should be a place where our families feel safe and our children have a chance to succeed. We need to create a job-friendly environment where businesses can be born and thrive.  We can't continue losing our best and brightest to other cities."

Jones, 56, is Vice President of Business Development and Marketing for the Southwestern Electric Cooperative, based in Greenville, Ill. Prior to his more-than 15 years with SWECI, he spent a decade and a half with Ameren in St. Louis. Jones holds an undergraduate degree from Lincoln University, a master’s degree in International Business from Webster University and an MBA from Washington University's Olin Business School.

“As a business executive who isn’t beholden to the special interests that have held our city back, I have the experience and skill set needed to deliver the results that St. Louisans demand. In my current role, I've effectively worked to attract and recruit businesses to the metropolitan area and I have experience working with grassroots and community concerns to improve the lives of St. Louis area families.”

Jones has been active in civic affairs, serving on several economic development commissions and as a committee member with the Southwestern Illinois Leadership Council. He has always had a passion for assisting the youth of our community, especially in at-risk neighborhoods. Earlier in his career he created Sports Advisory Service, a mentorship organization to help young people, especially young athletes, make good life choices. He continues that service as a leader in community outreach for his fraternity, Omega Psi Phi.

Jones and his wife, Shelia, live in the Botanical Heights neighborhood. They have two adult daughters and three grandchildren. This is his first run for public office.

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